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 [signature] Incorporating Texture And Stock Into A Graphic
 Posted: Jun 7 2014, 01:24 PM
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Textures and Stock
Graphic Type:Signature

What is the specific focus of your tutorial? Blending texture and Stock

What makes your tutorial unique? (be specific) Many people do not know how to use both

textures and stock in a graphic well, this tut teaches them the basics of how to do so.

What level of difficulty is your tutorial? Intermediate

Who do you think can best use your tutorial? Anybody

Can your technique(s) be used outside of the specific images, etc. used in the tutorial? Should be

How translatable is your tutorial? (can it be used with a variety of programs, or is it more specific?) Should be transferable, though i'm using Gimp

Okay so Today we are making This!

user posted image I do not provide the Images, textures, or People for this graphic so you will have to hunt down your own.

Step 1: Open a new Canvas of 500 X 200 in your program.

Step 2: Place your base stock on the canvas

user posted image Step 3: Scale the image down to fit in your canvas how you want it to. I scaled my down to Image width so 500 pixels.

user posted image Step 4: Place your focal stock on the background.

user posted image Step 5: Now using Gradient maps and Layer masks your are going to blend out the background around your focal stock image. we won't need or want this in our final product.

user posted image Step 6: Now on the focal Image you will need to adjust the Brightness and contrast of the image to blend in with the background. You will also need to adjust the coloring of the Image. For my Image I used Curves, Color balance and Hue/sat to accomplish my look. But how you color is up to you. user posted image Step 7: Now you are going to want to decrease the opacity of your focal stock, I made mine about 84%. Just enough to blend the hard edges, but still able to clearly see the Image.

user posted image Step 8: Now post in your Masking Image, which will subtract attention from the focal Image. I placed mine on Multiply because it had a white base and it was easier than cutting and blending around my Image, but again, you are at the mercy of your Image. So. Try using layer masks and gradient maps to blend if changing the mode of the graphic doesn't work.

user posted image Step 9: Now I used another stock/texture. It was stock but I made it a texture by coloring the main image, pasting it on my canvas and throwing it on soft light, and erasing the stuff I didn't want with Layer Masks. This is completely Optional. I just thought the image fit well in with the theme of my graphic.

user posted image Step 10: Now it is texture time. I recommend a large texture for this step. Place it on the canvas, scale it down. I once again scaled my image to canvas width at 500 Pixels. I placed my texture on soft light, and messed around a pit with the opacity only to decide to keep it at full opacity.

Step 11: Now I found a placing for the texture that I liked, and I erased the dark parts that masked my other images, and kept the blended texture where it was. However, my Masking stock was still buried underneath the texture, so I Duplicated the masking Image (In my case the mask), and placed it o soft light and lowered the opacity. Then I dragged the duplicate image to the top above the texture, but the left the original image where it was below the texture.

user posted image Step 12: To bring the focal Image back into focus, a bit i placed a light filter over it. this will be covered up later

Step 13: Now for my person. I placed her over to the mid-right of the canvas. She had a white background so I placed her on Multiply masking her background (You can do this for any background as long as you use layer masks and gradient maps to get rid of it.) Then I duplicate the Image of the person, place it back on normal mode, add a layer mask, Fill it with black. This makes it invisible. Then using a soft brush and white color paint I paint over the multiplied image and just the person becomes visible.


Step 15: Now Color. Again this tut isn't about adding color... so what i did was added a transparent layer filled it with an icy blue paint, placed it on color mode and reduced the opacity to 25%.

Step 16: Whala. You are done. Now show me yours please?

user posted image

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