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 Reconstruction Staff Search
 Posted: Oct 29 2014, 04:41 PM
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Staff Search 3
To apply please post below in this post, pm moden_medusa at moonlit, or pm the person of this post on this board. If you would so choose you can also aim me to say hi, at tjbutterfly92.

Event Moderator: We are currently seeking 1 Even nth moderators. Duties include, however are not limited to, posting new challenge ideas, extending and or closing challenges as necessary, appealing challenges to the members, submitting polls for members to vote on best graphic in challenges and posting challenge winners, awards in their showcase, as well as brainstorming site wide events.Applicants must showcase an example of 1-2 challenges they would bring to the table

< Writing Moderator: We are currently seeking 1 writing moderator. Duties include, however are not limited to, validating members story request and moving them to designated rating forum, Moderating stories to ensure they abide by the rules, moderating the Libraries to ensure that members are posting a library if they are a writer, ensuring that all writing forum rules are followed and taking disciplinary action when they are not. As well as serving on the promotion board for writing promotions. Applicants must submit an example of how they feel will best be the way to moderate the writing forum.

Global Moderator: We are seeking 1 Global moderator to assist with surveillance of the site. Your duties include, working with all other mods for a detailed list of staff events, managing the ask the staff forum, handling day to day events of site when Alishya and I are not available. You also moderate all areas of the board, especially the request sections, and off topic sections of the board which do not have a designated moderator. You work closely with members and are the supervisor of other moderators. You position includes a limited access to the admin cp. Applicants must provide an example of how they would approach r r requesting a weekly activity tracker  from the other mods.

Peace Mod example: we are seeking 2 peace moderators. This position includes but is not limited to, survalence of members galleries and libraries to keep watch on updated, current and accurate list of credits and anti plagiarism, monitoring the cbox to keep the language clean and ensuring no advertisements, keeping the rules of the board in check and being able to remain calm in frustrating situations when members cause problems. A big part of your duty includes monitoring for stealing from members, bashing members, etc, and investigating claims to determine a solution. This requires to to be creative and have courteous PM skills with decent spelling and grammar.Applicants must draft a sample pm regarding plagiarism from one member to member B, to apply.

Outreach Moderator: Seeking 1-2 outreach mods. Duties include but are not limited to, spreading the word about moonlit midnight to other sites, sorting our first link sections and reposting our advert , managing and sorting all link backs, requesting affiliation with other sites and sorting determining and approving our affiliate requests. Applicant must provide a list of five (5) possible sites to affiliate with.

 Please use the following application to apply for any position listed above . Positions will remain open until they are Fill. We request that the any applicants either already have or are willing to create an Aim Idenity (I use Aim Express, No Download required) to be contacted outside of moonlit.

The Application: Please use this form to apply for any of the above positions.

[list][b]Name:[/b]Alias Here[b]Position:[/b]Position applying for[b]Age:[/b]Here[b]Previous staff experience [/b]provide links please, don't worry if you don't have any[b]Aim Idenity:[/b] (if applicable)Here[b]Staff Face Claim[/b]Here[b]Gif Url:[/b] Link to a gif for you FC here [b]Draft Pm:[/b]please do this for any position applying for. [b]CHALLENGE example[/b]: goes here Event mods only, please remove if left blank [b]Request a tracker:[/b] goes here Global mods only, please remove if left blank [b]List of possible affiliation sites:[/b] goes here Outreach mods only, please remove if left blank [b]About you:[/b] A bit about yourseld here please. [/list]

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