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 Grapevine Edition 5, June 2014
 Posted: Jun 20 2014, 11:45 PM
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June/July 2014

Summer Issue 1

Please Welcome

Our New Staff and Members

Hi All. I am back with edition 5. A lot has changed on the board since the last edition! In a great way.

First and Foremost: I would like to Introduce and announce the new additions to our Staff Team. Lou (Niall Horan) Is Heading up our Promotions. She is in charge of approving new galleries, reviewing promotion requests, and all other things that go in to determining the progress that our Moonlit midnight members are making. Currently Lou is a Moderator, However will likely be made to an Admin quite soon. Congrats Lou.

Jess (Samwise Gamee) is Heading up our advertising team. She is the adverting Moderator, and will be in charge of approving our adverting requests, spreading the word about our site, and requesting affiliation with other boards. Congrats Jess.

Lou and Jess, I am so glad to have you on the team.

We do still have current positions open see the staff search for more details. We are Looking for 1 more Adverting mod to work with Jess, a Challenges Mod, and a writing mod. We may possibly still be looking for one more Admin but this is based on the relevance and need for one.

Don't Forget to welcome our new Members: MARINA LAMBRINI DIAMANDIS &Sookie Stackhouse, welcome to Moonlit both of you and we can't wait to see what you can offer to the site as well as how we can help you grow and develop your own skills.


June Promotion Awards

Its Promotions Time again.August Promotions are drawing near so please be sure to apply. We have added in the possibility for our writers to request and receive promotions as will, so really hope to see some more request.

Congratulations to Butterbeer for her June Promotion from Mortal to Immortal. You earned it.

Congratulations Butterbeer for your July Promotion!

From the Staff

General Reminders and requests

Please Register in the cbox by going to the profile tab. Also please be sure to update your mini-profile information. Avatars need to be 250X400 for the sake of apperences, please guys. and please fill in the fields. You can do this by going to My controls-Edit Profile Information - adding in the info in the fields- amend my profile.

Just a reminder that Gallery Headers may not exceed 700X200 Pixels, or risk stretching the board. Any headers in violation of the size restrictions will be re sized or removed by the staff. Likewise Signatures may be no larger than 500X200 pixels. Any sig in violation of these restrictions will be removed without warning.

New on the Board

Check out the New Tutorials, Challenges and Introductions

we are Still looking for at least two more entries in the Storybook challenge, which has already been extended. we also have some new tutorials up so you are all encouraged to go and take a look.

Also be sure to get up an Introduction thread if you have not already because we love to learn about you. And please be sure to post in the Introduction Threads of others to welcome them to Moonlit.

Thats all I have folks, so I'll see you next month.

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