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 Roux ! [jcink], a graphics & coding resource site.
 Posted: Jul 12 2014, 07:31 AM
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    Hello everyone! It's summer time, which means that it's time for a change. By that, we mean a new skin, new content (coming soon), and new staff! We're a bit shortstaffed right now and we could really use a hand now that people are getting out for summer! If you guys are interested in joining our staff, please apply by filling out the form below and sending me a PM! We are looking for;

    CODING MODS (2-3) - these mods help maintain the coding boards to make
    sure that they are always neat and orderly. They also teach coding related classes!

    GRAPHICS MODS (3-4) - these mods help maintain the graphic boards to
    make sure that they are always neat and orderly. They also teach graphic related

    SUPPORT MODS (2) - these mods will keep track of what happens at the roux
    bank, as well as making sure that we don't have any trouble around the board. They
    handle the bulk of our security.

    COMMUNITY MODS (3-4) - these mods will post in all the welcome threads,
    make sure the non-coding and non-graphic boards are maintained, and be in charge
    of advertising!

    [b]Years RPing:[/b]
    [b]Position:[/b] (list two you would like to be)
    [b]Experience:[/b] (please provide links! even if they're offline!)
    [b]About You:[/b] (let us know more about you!)
    --- if applying for support ---
    [b]Draft PM:[/b] (Say one person stole a skin from another person and you're the one handling this situation. Draft us a PM of what you'd say.)

    * NOTE: You do not have to use the form provided above. If you want to spice it up with some coding or cute little graphics or use your own template, that's perfectly fine! However, we ask that you please maintain all of the information in the form.
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