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 Help Wanted: Daylight Fading, Co-Admins
 Posted: Oct 9 2014, 09:34 PM
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Hello. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Daylight is Fading is an AU Lost Girl role play which also crosses over with general Fae mythology.

I'm looking for staff that are willing to dedicate time, create characters and really get the site running. There are plenty of opportunities to grow. Right now I'm seeking a staff of 2 maybe three people, to join my admin team.

Head admin: that's me, Queen Tatianna, or Taylor. I own, created and take all responsibility on the site. I am experienced as a graphic creator, but can't make original codes. I can tweak small things in skins and templates already made, but yeah...

Ideally: though open to suggestions, debates and exceptions, I am looking for staff that have a variety of skills and experience. Ideally, I'd have one staff less experienced in running a site but an avid FilePlanet, very experienced in character. Then one staff experienced in running a site and role-playing just enough to really make a difference keep things moving on the site. Finally have an admin experienced as a staffer and a coder to really help out with appearance, glitches, and questions.

Of course, I understand if things work out differently.

General responsibilities:

All staff: reading and approving or pending character apps, maintaining at least 1 character, updating claims lists, answering member questions, pushing activity checks, enforcing the rules, appearances in the cbox and advertising. These are general elements to running a site that I feel all staff should be able to perform.

Admin 1: this admin would generally be experienced in coding, help out with coding glitches, or find people who can. Being able to code well does not really impact your role though it is a plus. Basically, This person should be able to locate templates and skins, be familiar enough with an admin cp, be able to request codes to be made by a third party and be able to read code well enough to interpret where things should be fixed, changed and adapted, as well as where things in a skin code go. If you can code that's fantastic as it really gives our site a stand out appearance by having unique, one of a kind custom templates and skins and such. However, all I am really looking for here, is somebody experienced enough and willing to be the go to person for codes on Df.

Admin 2: This person generally would be the beta to my alpha. I hate using these terms as I of course feel all my staff are equally important and responsible, however, this person would be me when I'm not around. Preferably this person is eastern, or Pacific standard time in the USA or overseas Europe where they can be on when I'm not always. Again this is not a requirement. Specific duties are to be determined.

Admin 3: generally this person works more on a member level, has great activity in threads, in the cbox, in off topic discussions and giving suggestions. This is an important role because this person keeps the site running.

So I ask that you please PM me at Daylight is Fading to apply. As well as aim me, tjbutterfly92. Admins should create their staff account with a Fae like name. Ie Queen Mab, King Orian etc. Then create their character account. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much for taking the time to read.

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