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 Juliette Gosselin, MASQUERADE- Protagonist
 Posted: Apr 11 2014, 08:04 AM
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Her Motto: I'll try anything... twice

Explain her motto: a person with this motto is typically open to new experiences, foods, activities, but not fully resigned to making up their mind right away.

What is her back story: Juliette became to believe by this motto because her mother, before her death had been a firm stickler for opening Juliette to different foods and activities. This encouraged Juliette to actually try new things, but her mom, a daring person, ended up dying from a mountain lion attack while on a hike in a national park, so Juliette is more cautious of her experiences, and is careful to make sure she tries things a couple of ties before completely writing them off or running full speed ahead.

Greatest fear: That she will end up trying something new that gets her hurt
Conflicting Mottos:
Why put off for tomorrow what you can get done today?
Every Action has an Equal and Opposite Reaction
Traits- For Magical purpouses
creative, good memory,patient, introverted, self-diciplined/focused, studious, spiritual, sharp senses, pet

Explain these traits in context to Juliette:

Magic System: Black and White; natural and New Age

The set up of the Magic System in which Juliette will be initiated into is derived from a very old magical concept with contemporary features making it a more new age practice to the craft, and it is et up on the belief that magic is natural, come from the earth and elements and is innate, meaning that the instincts of the witch are strong, they just kind of know that they are magical.

And While Juliette is initiated by an accident into the craft, a person can only be initiated if they have a innate instinct to nature, a relationship somehow with natural magic, and an open mind. people are quite unaware that magic exists for the purpose of the story, and there is a secrecy to the craft that Juliette will enter into but most people are completely unaware of and not welcome in.

Practicing the craft itself is set up the concepts of white and Black magic... not in the terms that one is good vs. evil, but that each practitioner possesses and aspect of both white, natural magic, and black, darker, manipulated variations of white magic that is not at all natural. Whether a witch themselves is goof or bad depends on how they balance their craft, for example, somebody who practices all white magic, will end up completely insane because there is no balance, likewise with black magic, if that is all they practice they will only serve to destroy themselves. On the balanced magic, it depends how much of white magic a witch practices in comparison to how much black magic they practice AND how they choose to use it. Meaning that a natural witch, will use both elements of black and white magic, but it depends on what they are doing with the magic that determines if they will be a light Witch or a Dark Witch.

For example: A natural witch that uses the craft to serve their own interests, and manipulates magic to serve the purpose of self-gain and does not give back to the elements, would be a dark witch. But a Witch that serves nature, and uses magic to help others or for a greater cause and avoids using it to promote their own desires would be a light witch.

After Juliette is Initiated, she will be trained in her new powers and in the craft by a mentor witch whom she will meet in a cafe, literally she will be just drawn to this person...

Then after she graduates High school will attend a magic Collge
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