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 Rules To The Request Section
 Posted: Aug 31 2013, 01:00 PM
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to Request
The Request section!

Read below to find out the regulations to the Request section. These are important, so please make sure you clarify any questions with a PM to a staff member.

Rule 001

When requesting a Graphic, you must make sure to post it in proper code. You will find the request code below.

Rule 002

Credits- Just like we ask artists to credit their sources, and the staff at the site credit the resources we use at the site- It is expected that you as members will credit the artist that creates your graphic.

Rule 003

To start a request, you will fill out the form (Below vv) and post it in a new topic in the general request forum. Once it has been placed there a staff member will place it in the specified forum (read the form)

Rule 004

A request may be filled by any artist level. If you would like a specific artist or artist level to fill your request, please specify that in the topic title.

Rule 005

We have a grace period of 3 days on this site. That means there is 72 hours before a member can “bump” and un-filled request, and artists will have 72 hours before the request may be re-opened.

Rule 006

Out of respect for the artist, please don’t post this request on multiple sites, artist do work hard to make each graphic, so please respect that and keep a request pen here. If you no longer wish to use our site as a place for your request, post so in the topic, or PM a staff member and we will close your request and you may feel free to post it elsewhere.

[b]Type of graphic (banner, header, chapter image , signature set etc)[/b] <p> [b]Requester name[/b] <p> [b]Where is this graphic being used? What is it being used for? (A story, a background, a gallery header etc)[/b] <p> [b]Link to place it will be used[/b] <p> [b] Text to use on graphic[/b] <p> [b]People to use on graphic (No personal pictures only known celebrities please)[/b] <p> [b]Other specific images to use on graphic[/b] <p> [b]animation, if so,how?[/b] <p> [b]additional information[/b] <p>
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