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 The Ib Star Shoppe
 Posted: May 20 2014, 10:04 PM
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To Shop
The Moonlit Star Shop is our forum’s designated point store.

Each member will start off with a base set of points. New members receive 5 points for joining. These points are what you can reddem in the star shoppe.

Member’s point count increases when they do things around the site. Posting a new topic earns a member 3 new points, repling to a topic earns a member 1 additional point. Starting a poll earns a member 2 points.

The store contains items which can be used around the board. Pin/Unpin Any Topic, Open/Close Any Topics, Mystery Box, Change Group(automatic promotion), and other things to be added and determined by the staff. It is a fun and unique way to promote activity to the board.

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