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 Awards Have Been Added!
 Posted: Jul 20 2014, 12:06 AM
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These are the awards we offer here on Moonlight Midnight. Find out what they mean here. Award icons can be found in your mini-Profile. Promotion and Challenge awards will still have the normal graphic made for them and posted in their showcase. However, this new awards system is a fast and easy way to show new members, and guests, as well as others how much you have dedicated to the site, as well as encourage them to participate!

user posted image

Staff Award

Fairly Obvious in the title, this is the award that Staff Members receive for their dedication to Moonlight Midnight.

user posted image

Founding Member Award

This is the award given to all new members who joined within the first six months of Neon Lights Opening.

user posted image

Gallery Posted Award

Award will be given when a member creates a gallery.

user posted image

library posted award

Award will be given when a member has created a library.

user posted image

Activity Award

Award will be given when when a member has shown dedication to moonlight Midnight by at least 5 of the following: Participated in no less than 5 challenges in a 3 month period, logs into Moonlight at least once a week, actively participates on the board, has posted a library/galleryand posts in other members as well, is active in the cbox and shoutbox, has referred members to the site and/or continuously provides feedback/suggestions on what they want to see or what might improve the site.

user posted image

100+ postsAward

This award will be given to any character who has started at least 100 posts on Moonlight Midnight

user posted image

500+ Posts Award

This award will be given to any member who has made at least 500 active posts around the board.

user posted image

Promotions award

This award will be given to any member has recieved a promotion, for each and every promotion they ahve recieved.

user posted image

Favorite Award

This Award will be given by the staff, to any member for any reason they see fit to award it for. (This does not mean the staff are playing favorites) it is a symbol of some method of excellence on the board which an award does not already exist for but that the staff believe deserves to be awarded.

user posted image Participation Award:

This award is to be given to any membe that over the course of two months has shown a great level of posting, challenge enteries, or tutorial posting, promotion applications, activity, log-ins, and ooc character ( Games, etc) posting on the board.

user posted image

Challenge winner award

This will be awarded to anymember who has won a challenge for each and ever challenge they have won.

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